Hypothyroidism – #1 Cause Of Weight Gain


When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism my doctor informed me that I would have to take drugs every day for the rest of my life to control it.

That turns out not to be true.

Because hypothyroidism doesn’t have to be permanent.

Its underlying causes are now well understood. And those underlying causes are easy to deal with.

People like me used to have hypothyroidism but don’t anymore.

Our joints no longer ache, our skin and hair is in good condition.

We’re full of energy – and depression or low mood has given way to relief and happiness.

The following video tells my story.

And my story can quite quickly become your story.

I was resigned to a life on medication

But Hypothyroidism Isn’t A Life Sentence For Those Who Know How To Treat It!

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I tweaked my shopping list… and now I’m healthier than I have ever been

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