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Introducing Joint Genesis

The next generation in joint health offers from a
ClickBank Diamond Award-Winning Team.

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Joint Genesis<sup class='r'>™</sup>

Registered ClickBank affiliates promoting Joint Genesis will be credited 75% commission on front-end sales they generate, and 65% commission on upsells.

About Joint Genesis

Joint Genesis is a brand-newdoctor-formulated joint health supplement born out of Ivy League research, and backed by real-world results.

Joint Genesis’s proprietary formula is the first in the world to combine four clinically-proven joint-supporting nutrients with Mobilee®, an advanced and patented ingredient shown to multiply crucial hyaluronan molecules in the synovial fluid by a factor of 10.

This unique and cutting-edge ingredient blend supports joint health in a newly-discovered way: by rehydrating and thickening up the naturally jello-like synovial fluid in our joints.

Ivy League research and dozens of clinical studies have now proven, when you rehydrate and thicken up your synovial fluid, you promote:

Youthful mobility and flexibility

A healthy inflammatory response

Optimum joint comfort

And a happier, more active life!

7 Reasons to Promote Joint Genesis

Joint Genesis is generating massive payouts for our affiliates with $3 – $5 EPCs and an AOV of $160. Default commissions of 75% on front-end sales and 65% on upsells will be paid on every sale to registered ClickBank affiliates promoting Joint Genesis.

Dr. Mark Weis M.D. is the co-creator of Joint Genesis and an award-winning physician, medical consultant, and author. Dr. Weis brings premium credibility with his distinguished medical history, having served his country as a civilian physician for the U.S. Army at the Wounded Warrior Clinic at Fort Knox, Kentucky; as a General Medical Officer at Fort Riley, Kansas; and as the Lead Primary Care Physician for the U.S. Army’s RESPECT-Mil PTSD and Depression Screening Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Further to that, Dr. Weis has decades of experience in private practice, including time spent serving communities in the rural south. Combine that with his personable, folksy attitude, and he’s the perfect spokesperson to connect with joint health customers who are desperate to hear from a doctor who takes them seriously.
The joint health market is huge – and it’s getting bigger every day. According to the latest research from the CDC, in the United States alone 1 in 4 adults – or 60 million people – now experience age-related joint discomfort. And that’s not including the many millions who are suffering in silence, and therefore not included in those statistics. That’s a huge proportion of American adults who are in desperate need of a solution that not only works, but is affordable. Added to that, Joint Genesis’s natural ingredients appeal to customers looking for alternative health solutions, while Dr. Weis’s traditional medical background spreads that appeal to everyone in need of joint support. That’s why the conversion rates, EPC, and AOV on Joint Genesis are sky-high, and why you need to promote this offer early!
Our VSL benefits from the ideal combination of high production values, a hugely credible Doctor spokesman to connect with the target market, a gripping, emotionally-driven story, and compelling science to support the product. Together, these factors help to ensure the kind of conversion rates, EPC, and AOV numbers you don’t want to miss out on.
As well as Joint Genesis, our upsell funnel includes two more brand-new and clinically-backed joint health formulas: U-Flex Gold™ and Calmex™ – both doctor-formulated to accelerate and strengthen the results of Joint Genesis. These upsells are helping to ramp up AOV, and we’re continually optimizing the funnel to ensure those numbers keep going up.
Joint Genesis works, and has been producing phenomenal results for our customers. That’s more important than anything else, because a product that delivers real results produces very low refund rates. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing, meaning you’ll keep the commissions you earn.

Joint Genesis is brought to you by a ClickBank Diamond award-winning team with a combined 35 years of experience launching winning offers on the platform. Specifically, our offers in the joint health market alone have sold to upwards of 500,000 customers. In short, we know exactly what it takes to create high-converting offers that stick around for the long-term. And we support those offers with first-rate customer service (both phone and email) and high-end fulfilment processes that ensures orders are sent out fast. All this means healthy, reliable, and sustained commissions for our affiliates.

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