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a Ziploc bag and tape it to your thighs.

My dad said to me at the dinner table.

Instantly, my sister started giggling and my mom looked at me with pity.

It was Christmas Eve, and I had prepared for this moment for months.

You see, I only visit my family once a year and they always fat-shame me…

Because I grew up in a family of naturally thin people…

My Dad Always Called Me “The Big Pasty Thing” While My Younger Sister Was His “Little Princess”.

This year I wanted to prove to him I wasn’t fat…

That’s why for the past 3 months I only ate broccoli and chicken.

And pushed myself through hours of grueling cardio workouts every morning.

I dropped 8 lbs…

It wasn’t much but I was proud and gained new confidence.

So when the big day came, the first thing my mom said when she saw me:

“Oh, seems like they’re feeding you well over there on the West Coast.”

Nobody even noticed how I lost weight.

Why is it so easy for them to stay thin even though they eat cookies, burgers, fries, and ice cream…

While I can’t lose weight, even on the strictest chicken & broccoli diet?

I loved my mom’s delicious homemade eggnog.

So I wanted to soothe my soul with it .

… and as I was about to take a sip…

My dad yelled:

“Hey, Big Pasty Thing, don’t drink that eggnog…
You may as well pour it in a Ziploc bag and tape it to your thighs.”

Everyone was quiet and all eyes were on me.

Normally they would be laughing but they knew he had gone too far.

At that Moment, All the Stress of the Past Few Weeks Had Built Up, and His Comment Put Me Over the Top.

I burst into tears… ran from the dinner table, and locked myself in the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror, disgusted at my reflection

And took a step back to be able to see my body from top to bottom.

I could see the fat flaps hanging over my bra.

I tried all the diets out there to get rid of it…

I jogged every morning even though my joints ached.

But the scale never moved.

At least, not in the right direction.

This was a breaking point for me…

But I’m grateful it happened because it led me to discover a something that helped me with weight management.

I Also Discovered the
Real Underlying Reason Why I Was Struggling to Lose Weight…

And it was not my thyroid, my adrenal glands, or my gut, like so many doctors or weight-loss gurus want you to believe.

In fact it’s an organ most so-called experts don’t even consider an organ.

It completely flies under their radar, like a stealth bomber on a deadly mission.

Yet when you restore the natural balance of this organ… with one simple squeeze that puts all fat cells into “release mode”.

The fat flows right out of your hips, thighs, belly, and back… never to be seen again.

When I first heard of this technique, I was skeptical. But when I tried it myself and…

This Surprisingly Simple Squeeze Would Switch All My Fat Cells Into “Release Mode” and Help Me Drop Some Weight.

Hi, my name is Laura Johnson**.

I’m 41 years old and live in a small town near Portland, Washington with my husband and my two beautiful sons.

And I want you to know from the start that I’m not a doctor, nor a professional nutritionist or weight loss guru.

So two years ago we flew from Portland, Oregon to Florida for Christmas to see my family.

We would see them only once a year and I would always dread it.

Because my entire life, growing up, my younger sister was always the pretty little girl and I was the opposite.

And my dad would let me know.

He’d tell me:

“Why in the crap are you eating that? You don’t need it. You’re fat as it is.”

My Whole Life He’s
Told Me that I’m Not Pretty.

That’s why deep down I feel so much
hatred towards my father.

By the time we got to Florida I had lost 11 pounds and was proud of myself.

Maybe my dad would see it too, hoping we could have a civil Christmas.

But he didn’t see it and the nagging was worse than ever.

My younger sister Jennifer looked more beautiful than ever, despite having had her 2nd baby just a few months prior…

I’ve always been in my sister’s shadow.

So when I wanted to reward myself the discipline of the past 30 days by having a glass of my mom’s famous homemade eggnog, my dad made that horrible comment.

That’s when I promised myself I would find a solution to my weight problems.

So I decided to fire up my laptop and search for the root cause of weight gain.

I had one question in mind:

Why is it So Easy For Some
People to Stay Thin No Matter
What They Eat…

While others only look at food and gain another 10 lbs?

I read Wikipedia, forum posts, bought e-books by the weight loss gurus, read the scientific research papers…

And continued this on the flight back home and every night for the next few weeks.

What I found flew in the face of everything I had heard before.

And that’s when I stumbled upon a book called “The Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and Disease”:

Written by Dr. Giamila Fantuzzi***, professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Where she presents a “new organ” of the human body that contains the secret to weight loss.

Well, it’s not entirely NEW…

But scientists have never considered this body part an “organ” like your heart or liver.

You see, the real reason why you can’t lose weight lies right in your fat cells.

New studies reveal fat cells play an active role in weight loss.

Researchers now call fat cells the “adipose organ” or “fat organ”:

“Mammals are Provided
With An Organ That Has Been Neglected By Scientists In the Past: The Adipose Organ.” 1

Yes, fat is an organ just like your heart, liver, or thyroid.

Think of every fat cell in your body as a little dam.

A dam that stores fat instead of water.

Just like a dam, a fat cell has a switch that puts it in ‘store’ or ‘release’ mode…

Where store means ‘hold on to the fat, don’t let it out’…

And release tells the cell to open the gate for fat to flow out.

And here’s the thing all scientists missed:

This gate that’s in each and every fat cell isn’t controlled by your brain or your gut or the food you eat.

It doesn’t react to how many calories you burn on the treadmill every day…

Instead, it’s controlled by the fat cell itself.

As it turns out, your fat cells produce ‘fat hormones’ to help these fat cells move.

Since we found the first fat-hormone, hundreds more have been discovered.

And one of the main fat-burning hormones we discovered is called adiponectin.

Adiponectin is the Switch
that Puts Your Fat Cells From
Storage Mode Into Release Mode.

That means, if you’re able to increase the amount of adiponectin in your body…

Fat would be released from your cells…

And you’d see your belly shrink, your arm flaps disappear, and your thighs get smaller…

This finally explains why it’s so hard for some people to lose weight, no matter how much they exercise or how little they eat.

When adiponectin levels are low, the cells are in storage mode.

They hold on to the fat they have, and even crave more.

Now, it all made sense to me.

The next logical step is to increase the amount of adiponectin in my blood and fat cells.

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