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Put Your Spine Back Into Perfect Alignment So That You Can Eliminate Back Pain, Have More Energy & Sleep Better…

anatomic representation of a painful spine and a normal spine
REVEALED! Unlock Your Spine in 10-Minutes:
Without Invasive Surgery, Addictive Band-Aid Medications & Time Consuming Appointments…

St. Petersburg, FL, Tuesday April 09, 2024 

Dear Friend,

Did you know that worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability and accounts for 264 million lost work days per year?!

Have you been living with debilitating and agonizing back pain… for years?

Are you feeling frustrated and hopeless because nothing has worked to give you any true, lasting relief and ultimately no solution to the daily pain and suffering you endure?

How many hours and dollars have you spent on chiropractic treatments, doctors visits, massages and medications only to wake up in the same excruciating pain every day?!

How many times have you heard, at least once if not more, that SURGERY is your only option…

I know, because this was me… this was my story…

Image of a woman suffering from back painFor 9 years I suffered with the worst back pain that just would not go away no matter what I did…

And no one had any answers for me that proved to be of any real help. At least none that lasted more than 1 or 2 days.

I was young, fit, healthy and stayed active…

I was a mother to 3 very busy and vibrant young children, so keeping up with them kept me on the move 7 days a week

But the pain I was living in was rapidly becoming worse and completely sucking the life right out of me.

And… just when I thought things couldn’t get worse… they did…

My entire world came to a crashing, sudden halt and I thought my life was over.

On October 9th, I woke up and I could not move!

a woman lying in bed, in painThe worst, most excruciating pain of my life was radiating through my lower back and down my legs like a red hot metal rod

I could not turn my head without screaming out in pain!

The pain was completely draining me…

… eating away at my energy and making it impossible to get out of bed!

What was happening?!

My 3 young children needed their Mother to look after them and I could not even turn my head… any attempts to move were utterly futile… the pain had finally won!

The only thing to do was to just lay there… as I completely fell apart…

As far as I knew at that point… my life was over!

Over the next 6 months my life was a revolving door of high doses of opiate-like pain meds and twice daily injections into my hip, just so I could do the bare minimum…

…like take myself to the bathroom!

Little girl watching her mom in painI was unable to be the Mom my kids needed me to be and this was destroying me emotionally.

Depression started to seep in and take over my mindset… NO ONE wants to live like this.

Frantic and desperately searching everywhere for help and answers, left me empty handed day after day…

The constant pain and low level existence I was stuck in, was affecting every single area of my life… this was NOT the life I wanted. I was too young to be in this situation.

The only thing left to do was to give in & accept that surgery was going to be the only option. I made the call and booked an appointment with a highly respected surgeon in Vancouver, but I would have to wait 2 months.

So the cycle of injections and mind-numbing medication continued.

Doctors were not able to help me because they were not even looking at what the real problem was.

Chiropractic treatment and doctor prescribed medications only gave me temporary relief, which ultimately just masked the root cause of my pain and never addressed it…


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