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You hear this advice repeated ad nauseum on the internet and even from the lips of well-meaning (but uniformed) doctors. And “just eat less and move more!” sounds great in theory… but it doesn’t work in the real world.
To show you why, let’s tackle the “move more” part of the equation first.
It would be hard to “move more” than running a marathon, wouldn’t you agree? After all, running a marathon involves lacing up your shoes and running for 26.2 miles. You would think that kind of effort would result in massive weight loss, right?
But can you believe that running a full marathon — that’s 26.2 miles — burns just 2,600 calories?
That might sound like a lot at first glance but consider this:
You actually need to burn at least 3,500 calories to lose a single pound of body fat.
Which means running 26.2 miles doesn’t even burn enough calories to melt a single pound of fat!
To make matters even worse, if you decide to go to the movies after running a marathon and you reward yourself with popcorn and a Coke you can basically “undo” the entire marathon with one snack!
This is why the “just move more” part of the equation doesn’t work when it comes to losing fat.
Don’t get me wrong — exercise is great for your overall health.
But using copious amounts of exercise is simply not very effective when it comes to losing weight.
The newest research is starting to prove what long-time exercisers already know — “just move more” doesn’t work.
Now let’s tackle the other part of the mantra — “Just eat less.” That part must be accurate, right? Just eat less and the pounds will disappear, right? RIGHT?!?
While that sounds good in theory, it just doesn’t work in the real world.
This study proves why it’s nearly impossible to lose fat just by “eating less.”

The Research Study That Proves Exactly Why
“Eat Less & Move More” Doesn’t Work

Researchers from the School of Human Kinetics in Ontario recruited 16 volunteers and had them do an easy workout.
After the workout was over, the volunteers were led into an all-you-can-eat buffett and instructed to try and eat the same number of calories that they just burned in their workout.
So if an individual thought she’d just burned 300 calories in the gym, it was her goal to eat 300 calories at the buffett.
These poor folks were doomed from the start.
Not only did they severely OVERESTIMATE how many calories they burned during exercise, they severely UNDERESTIMATED how many calories they ate at the buffet.
This is a “double-whammy” when it comes to weight loss… and it’s something that most of us encounter every day because we don’t live inside a lab.
We live in the real world.
Even if you could figure out a way to accurately track every calorie that you consumed, how long can you keep that up for? Can you do that for the rest of your life? Of course not.
So if you’ve tried to lose weight in the past by eating less and moving more and it didn’t work for you, now you know why.

Why There Aren’t Any “Biggest Loser” Reunion Shows

The “Biggest Loser” is an American reality TV show/weight loss contest.
Participants on this show leave their lives at home and go live together on “the ranch” where they are put on strict diets and brutal exercise routines. It makes for great TV, but guess what happens when the show ends?
They all regain the weight.
This is because your brain and your biology will eventually fight back. That’s why “eat less and move more” doesn’t work in the real world.
Because eventually your biology and your genes will overtake your willpower and you’ll end up regaining the weight.


You figure out a way to work WITH your biology to lose fat.
You see, the body is like a computer. It responds to “input” or stimulus. Go out in the sun on a hot day and you’ll start to sweat. Bang your shin on the coffee table and a bruise will form.
There’s a stimulus (banging your shin) and the body responds (bruise forms.) There’s no magic or complicated programs needed. If you send the proper signal, the body will respond.
Fat loss works the same way.
If you send the body the PROPER signal, it will respond by burning fat. The reason why fat loss is so complicated is because the billion-dollar diet industry has confused people with nonsense.
If you send the body the proper signal, losing fat is much more straightforward. Unfortunately, 99% of people trying to lose weight are doing it all wrong because they’re not sending the body the proper signal!
When you start sending your body the proper fat loss signal, you can lose weight even if you’re “breaking the rules” and drinking alcohol or eating junk foods.

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