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The struggle with weight is not about willpower or lack of discipline. Carb cravings, stress eating and anxiety are symptoms of a biological condition called ‘serotonin imbalance’. Address this common cause and lose weight effortlessly with SEROLEAN.”

Dr. Robert Posner, M.D., Medical Director
Board Certified Physician, Author & Weight Loss Expert

“I’ve lost a total of 35 lbs. This is not just another diet program, this is life changing. Thank you Dr. Posner!”

Angela K, Stafford, VA

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The Big Fat Lie

Are you one of the millions of Americans who struggle to lose weight? Have you tried every fad diet? Counted calories? Restricted entire food groups like carbs, or even starved yourself during specific times of the day? You are NOT alone.

If you’re anything like the 95% of the dieters across the country, you not only FAILED, but statistics show that you most likely gained even more weight than when you started. Sound familiar? Well… IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

That’s because you’ve been LIED TO by the $78 billion dollar weight loss industry. You see their entire business model relies on you getting fatter and fatter, sicker and sicker, and remaining one of their customers for life.

But It’s Not About Will Power…

It’s About Science!

For decades we’ve all seen the same diet pills and programs come and go. Even though they’re all dressed up in different packaging, they all rely on the same flawed strategy: WILLPOWER.

In other words… “Stick with our program and you’ll get results”. But what they all fail to address is that weight gain is a biological condition and should be treated as such.

The Brain Chemical That Can

Sabotage Your Control Over Food…

Traditional weight loss programs don’t work because sustainable weight loss has nothing to do with calorie counting or yo-yo dieting. They don’t address this common cause, which is why they never result in lasting weight loss.

It all begins with your control over food. And lack of discipline is not your problem. Sugar and carbohydrate cravings, emotional overeating and stress-related snacking are all symptoms of a very common physiological condition known as SEROTONIN IMBALANCE.

What is…

Serotonin Imbalance?

Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the human brain that is often referred to as the “happy hormone”.

This vital neurotransmitter helps regulate your mood as well as your, appetite, sleep, digestion, mood and memory.

So when serotonin levels are low, or out of balance, you will often struggle with excessive sugar and carbohydrate cravings, stress and emotional overeating, and low energy levels.

Which can make losing weight seem almost impossible, and also sabotages any and all dieting efforts. This is often why many diet programs don’t stand a chance at delivering the results they claim.

So optimizing and boosting serotonin levels can make a huge difference in any weight loss effort.

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