Pineal XT



Unlimited love, prosperity
happiness and abundance,
await you…

Designed to help support healthy body function, promotes proper pineal gland function and supports energy levels

A small pea sized gland in your brain, is said to be responsible for your ability to connect with the Universe… but there is just one problem…

A recent study out of Harvard university, linked fluoride present in the drinking water to lowered IQs in children1, and so did 19 other studies, but this is just the beginning…

Fluoride, and other toxic chemicals in our drinking water, our food and even the air, are linked to all sorts of other problems with our bodies and can cause damage to our internal organs.

As it turns out, these toxins are highly attracted to the pineal gland, otherwise known as the third eye, and many people believe that if this organ is damaged, your ability to manifest will not be possible.


Pineal XT is like nothing you’ve ever tried before… it’s based off a closely guarded formula that’s said to be able to supercharge your pineal gland, which could help open you up to being able to connect to the Universe, and potentially create unlimited prosperity and abundance.

With it’s unique blend of hard to source ingredients, Pineal XT helps support the healthy functioning of your pineal gland, as well as your other organs in your body.

Once you try Pineal XT, your life may never be the same, as you experience all of the blessings the Universe has to offer you.

Inside every capsule of “Pineal XT” you’ll find:

A unique and rare blend of ingredients mentioned by the ancients
to stimulate your pineal gland and open you up to manifestation


Alma Extract

Chaga Mushroom

Schisandra Powder


Chlorella Powder

Burdock Powder

Natural Formula

Plant Ingredients


No Stimulants

Easy To Use

No Chemicals

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Top 5 Manifestation Methods


Once your pineal gland is cleansed, you’ll be able to begin to manifest love, health, wealth and happiness directly into your life using these simple methods explained step by step in this guide.


Awaken Your Psychic Powers


Learn how to tap into your latent psychic powers once you’ve activated your third eye. Intuition, lucid dreaming, auras, healing… it’s all possible and right at your fingertips!

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