Number and talents
Our statistics on the numerology of over 100,000 famous people

Our research shows that successful and famous people live out the universal energies they carry through their numerological BLUEPRINT.

And that there are correlations between certain numbers and certain talents and career choices.

Using advanced software, we have created STATISTICS on over 100,000 successful and famous people in the history of the world. We looked at their Day Vibration, Month Vibration, Year Vibration, Life path Numbers, Names, Vocation chart, Personality chart and correlated the results with their personality traits, career choices and level of success.

And the results are nothing short of astounding…

When we look at the statistics of such a large group of people, we notice certain “trends”, so we can infer that certain innate numbers increase the likelihood of being born with certain talents and abilities.

All numbers have potential for success if you learn to use them correctly. So there are no “good” and “bad” numbers when we talk about innate energies. But it is about the extent to which one is able to pursue the particular TALENTS and unique CODES FOR SUCCESS that one carries in one’s numerological blueprint.

We’ve included some of the most exciting findings in the report so that you can see, for example, how certain of your numbers relate to specific potentials, talents, and career choices. In this way, you can be inspired by some of the world’s most successful people who may have a numerological blueprint similar to yours.

Let the numbers speak for themselves
Some findings from our research

About the creators of the report
Estel and Johannes Ehvass

Our mission…
To give you the most spot on and life transforming personal numerology report ever created. With in-depth descriptions of ALL your numbers, your unique codes for personal success, and the keys to harmony and love in your relationships

Through years of study of the Chaldean numerology system, we have cracked important codes for how to follow your birth numbers and names to achieve success. We’ve condensed our knowledge into an online interactive membership site and a 200+ page personal report that provides an in-depth description of all your innate energies that add up to your UNIQUE, NUMEROLOGICAL BLUEPRINT.

The report has been years in the making, and we’re confident it’s the world’s most in-depth report you won’t find anywhere else.

Why this report is important
Your unique benefits

  • By knowing your innate energies, you will be able to more easily tune into and download your deepest vision and mission in this life.
  • Understand your innate codes for personal success, as well as for flow and love in your relationships.
  • The most important numbers in your charts come along with 5 step keys that help you ACTIVATE your numbers in the most harmonious and fastest way.
  • You can save yourself from making blind choices that are not in line with your true nature, abilities and talents.
  • You are given keys, suggestions and methods – through the descriptions of your numbers – to act in new ways that are more congruent with who you are.
  • You will understand the dynamics between your inner life and your outer life – what tendencies do you show outwardly, and how are your actions in sync with how you feel inside?
  • You will know how to develop in the fastest way to create amazing QUANTUM leaps in your life.
  • You will understand the ARCHITECTURE of your psyche, how your thoughts and emotions affect you, and recognize patterns from your childhood, youth and adult life.
  • You can revisit your childhood and release traumas stored in your subconscious through the numbers that affected you here.
  • Revisit your teenage years to uncover the basis of your survival patterns.
  • Revisit your 20s to rediscover how your social intelligence is built.
  • You can turn up your ability to use the law of attraction by knowing what you really want.
  • You can find out if your desires in life (created by the vowels in your names) actually meet your real, psychological needs.
  • How is your soul’s voice being channeled outward through the desires you have in your life?
  • How do others SEE and PERCEIVE you? Can you unintentionally be sending out energies that push other people away? Or do you attract the people you need in your life?
  • How can you reinforce the positive aspects of your KARISMA so that you naturally harness the energies that come with your birth date and names?
  • How you can understand the mechanisms in areas of your life such as your SEX LIFE, your LOVE LIFE, your SOCIAL LIFE, your relationship with your COLLEAGUES, your BUSINESS, CAREERS, your relationship with MONEY and much more.

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