Mystery School Code



What is the most powerful force on the planet?

Is it money?

Is it love?

Is it energy?


It’s sound.

Sound is the greatest way to soothe someone… It’s also the greatest way to torture someone…

If this video didn’t have good sound, you wouldn’t listen to it for a second…

If it had bad visuals and good sound, you could watch it for an hour….

Sound is used by every major religion to tap into forces beyond this world.

Sound isn’t just powerful. It’s all powerful.

And you’re about to be introduced to sound like you’ve never heard it before.

This goes back to ancient times…

Moses and Jesus both went to a particular school.

They don’t talk about it in their Bibles. But their attendance at this school is a matter of historical fact.

It’s also a matter of historical fact that what they learned there was their source of incredible power…

I’m going to tell you what that school was…where it is….and why it’s still in existence today.

And how even today, it’s attended by the most rich and powerful human beings on the planet…

Some of them are trillionaires. But you won’t hear of them on the Forbes list.

No. These people don’t care for fanfare. They just want to use their power for their own greedy desires….

I went on a dangerous trek to find out what this school was teaching…and as it turns out…

What they teach is sound….

Sound can give you every little thing you want in your life…including more energy, better dates, vibrant health.

It’s even the cure for many diseases…

It will give you that glow some people seem to have naturally..

But no one has the sounds I’m going to share with you today…

Welcome aboard!

You have no idea how big this moment is

You have to understand that until today, this key had to go underground…

Because if you’re not initiated, like I will show you, the power of the key could be very dangerous.

It has created some of the worst, cult leaders, dictators and drug addicted celebrities who used this power for their own greedy ends.

We will be sure that doesn’t happen to you.

We will be sure you use this key for the service of mankind which is what it is already doing…

Wondering why people say the Illuminati are so powerful?

You’re about to find out that it’s because they have this key and they’re not letting go of it…

I’m trying to stay off their bad side but they’re watching me very closely, making sure I don’t say too much….

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