MenoRescue is a brand-new, doctor-formulated menopause supplement born out of Ivy League research, and backed by real-world results.

MenoRescue’s proprietary formula is the first in the world to combine eight clinically-proven hormone-supporting nutrients with Sensoril®, an advanced and patented ingredient shown to promote healthy cortisol levels 400% more effectively than a placebo.

This unique and cutting-edge ingredient blend promotes a calm and comfortable menopause in a newly-discovered way: by stabilizing estrogen and progesterone levels during the menopause transition, while at the same gently supporting the body’s production of those two hormones.

Ivy League research and dozens of clinical studies have now proven, when you target menopausal misery from both angles, you help to promote:

A healthy body temperature

Effortless fat burning

Restful sleep

All-day energy

Youthful brain function

A balanced mood

Flexible joints

A healthy heart

And a happy, care-free menopause!
7 Reasons to Promote MenoRescue

MenoRescue is generating massive payouts for our affiliates with $3 – $5 EPCs and an AOV of $160. Default commissions of 75% on front-end sales and 65% on upsells will be paid on every sale to registered ClickBank affiliates promoting MenoRescue.

Andrea Taylor is the co-creator of, and spokesperson for, MenoRescue. A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Andrea is committed to helping women of all ages live their best lives. She founded, and currently runs, an award-winning gym in Southern California. She’s been featured in major health magazines like FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, and Inland Empire, and has been brought on to discuss women’s health on various TV news programs. As the co-founder of WellMe®, Andrea has already helped thousands of women with innovative health solutions for everything from weight gain, muscle loss and low energy, to aching joints, aging skin, and more. Combine that with her personable attitude, and she’s the perfect spokesperson to connect with menopausal customers who are desperate to hear from a woman’s health expert who takes them seriously.

Unlike many other product niches, menopause isn’t a health complaint that affects only a small proportion of the population. It’s an inescapable stage of every woman’s life. That’s an absolutely colossal market! What’s more, according to the National Institute on Aging, menopause complaints typically last anywhere from seven to 14 years. That’s a huge number of women who are in desperate need of help for a significant portion of their lives. Added to that, MenoRescue’s natural ingredients appeal to customers looking for alternative health solutions, while Andrea Taylor’s women’s health background spreads that appeal to everyone in need of menopause support. That’s why the conversion rates, EPC, and AOV on MenoRescue are sky-high, and why you need to promote this offer early!

Our VSL benefits from the ideal combination of high production values, a hugely credible and trustworthy spokesperson to connect with the target market, a gripping, emotionally-driven story, and compelling science to support the product. Together, these factors help to ensure the kind of conversion rates, EPC and AOV numbers you won’t want to miss out on.

As well as MenoRescue, our upsell funnel includes two more clinically-backed formulas: Longevity Activator and Omega 3-7-9 + Krill – both doctor-formulated and specifically chosen to accelerate and strengthen the results of MenoRescue. These upsells are helping to ramp up AOV, and we’re continually optimizing the funnel to ensure those numbers keep going up.

MenoRescue works, and has been producing phenomenal results for our customers. That’s more important than anything else, because a product that delivers real results produces very low refund rates. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing, meaning you’ll keep the commissions you earn.

MenoRescue is brought to you by a ClickBank Diamond award-winning team with a combined 35 years of experience launching winning offers on the platform. In short, we know exactly what it takes to create high-converting offers that stick around for the long-term. And we support those offers with first-rate customer service (both phone and email) and high-end fulfilment processes that ensures orders are sent out fast. All this means healthy, reliable, and sustained commissions for our affiliates.


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