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New Research Has Finally Discovered
The Real Root Cause Of Why You Have
Constipation, Bloating, Gas and Belly Fat

Plus a simple 10-Second Home Remedy that gets rid of these problems for good

If you want to have regular bowel movements, no bloating, no gas, and no belly fat

… your gut needs to be calm like this this quiet and still backwoods country pond

But if you now have constipation, bloating and gas, researchers have found your gut now looks like this inside: a building burning

In fact, it’s called Swollen Gut Syndrome

The Cells In Your Belly
are acting like they are on fire.

New Research Has Finally Discovered The Real Root Cause Of Why You Have Constipation, Bloating, Gas and Belly Fat, Plus a simple 10-Second Home Remedies that gets rid of them for good

I’ll tell you about it in a moment, but first here’s the embarrassing story of how I discovered this constipation-ending secret …

Hi, my name is Maria Neptuna.

I’m a divorced mother of two great kids and I’m a pediatric nurse in Houston, Texas.

I first started having digestive problems when I was 21. It started small, with some cramps, gas, and infrequent constipation.

But then it gradually got worse. I went to my primary and the gastro and had all kinds of tests and a CAT scan. Nothing was found. I was diagnosed with chronic constipation and IBS.

They prescribed me “water, exercise, prune juice, a healthy diet, and no stress”.

Yeah right … like anyone can avoid stress … you can’t … everyone has stress in their life right … Well, I followed their instructions, but I still had the same symptoms.

Then it got worse. As I had my kids and they grew up, my symptoms were: worse constipation, gas, acid reflux, bloated tummy, joint pain, and foggy brain.

Occasionally I would go to the bathroom, but often I would just drop a couple of little rocks or acorns. It was a strain, and they were like hard pellets. It certainly wasn’t a full poop.

I used MiraLAX every day, prune juice, tried stool softeners, digestive enzymes, probiotics, enemas … but none of these helped me enough.

It was so bad I ended up with depression, anxiety, and even some scary bad thoughts.

I wouldn’t go out. I wouldn’t leave the house. I was too terrified to go to work in case I’d have a constipation release accident, or blow another epic stink bomb right in front of everyone.

I realize most people with constipation don’t have it this bad, and thank God for that, but if this unique Japanese tea secret worked for me, it will work for anyone.

It’s very crippling to have this. Nothing nice about it. Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

It was the most humiliating thing.

My constipation gave me terrible stomach cramping. The pain would get pretty bad. I felt like my stomach was full of bricks.

I remember for years my constipation and diarrhea was so bad, I could not even browse around a store for fear of having “an accident”.

After finally forcing myself to get out, I tried everything and anything the internet suggested to get rid of my nightmare, but none of them worked.

Then I visited another gastro who said the same thing the other gastro doctors said to me before. But he also told me that because of my constipation, my body was not getting rid of its waste, and up to 20 lbs of old rotten food could be stuck inside the walls of my colon.

Even worse, the doc said my backed-up poop could cause intestinal impaction. This meant I might need surgery and have to wear a colostomy poop bag attached to me all the time – yuck! I desperately wanted to avoid this.

Nothing and nobody was helping my
constipation and digestive problems.

I remember so many nights lying in bed angry, praying, and asking God, “Why me? Why can so many other people not have stomach problems or be constipated?”

You see, I felt I was letting down my kids, my boyfriend, and our future because I couldn’t keep a job.

There was just no fun, spontaneity or fulfillment in my life anymore.

I was frustrated – very frustrated.

Are you suffering like I used to be?

If you are, I want you to know that I feel your pain. I know how alone and angry it feels to suffer from constipation and bloating and gas month after month and nothing seems to work, and you run out of hope.

Well, I have a solution for you that will work for you because after everything else failed me – it worked for me.

And not only me, but this digestion miracle is also working for over 27,300 other men and women just like you and me who used to suffer from constipation, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, bloating and irritable bowel.

I probably NEVER would have fixed my problems except for a few months ago while I was grocery shopping, I ran into an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in years.

Her name was Minato and she was born in Japan.


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