Harvard Scientists Point to a
“Promising New Therapy” for a
Forgotten Trigger of Blood Sugar…
Hello, Dr. Mark Weis here!

Have you ever wondered:

How come only some folks have to worry about blood sugar?

Some people gain lots of weight and eat tons of carbs and sugar without ever worrying about blood sugar – while other people eat healthy, stay slim, and still stress over their blood sugar health.

Turns out, luck does play a big factor and it isn’t your fault. Because according to new Harvard research, those lucky people are blessed with a smooth-running “Blood Sugar Drain” in their kidneys.

The good news is anyone can now support balanced blood sugar – including you.

All you need is to support a smooth-operating Blood Sugar Drain.

About GlucoBerry

A study from Johns Hopkins University found something surprising about how your body regulates blood sugar.

Focusing on insulin is NOT the one-and-only, magical solution to supporting healthy blood sugar.

See, when you have excess sugar in your bloodstream, it’s insulin’s job to taxi that sugar away. But when insulin “drops off” that excess sugar, it’s still inside your body.

In fact, it’s in your kidneys.

There’s a Blood Sugar Drain in your kidneys that receives excess sugar from your insulin and then flushes it into your urine.

This study from Johns Hopkins University discovered that your Blood Sugar Drain must be running smoothly to maintain balanced blood sugar.

But 50% of Americans have too much of a sticky gray protein that clogs up their Blood Sugar Drain.

When insulin delivers excess sugar to your Blood Sugar Drain, this clog of gray protein stops that sugar from draining away. When excess sugar can’t drain away, it ends up right back in your bloodstream.

Here’s what this new discovery means for everyday folks who are concerned about their blood sugar:

If you want to support healthy blood sugar…

You MUST keep your Blood Sugar Drain flowing smoothly.

But here’s the good news:

New scientific studies have now identified a unique red berry that supports against clogs in your Blood Sugar Drain.

Top Harvard professors are calling this berry’s method of maintaining blood sugar a “promising new therapy.”

With this ground-breaking research in hand,
my team and I created:


GlucoBerry‘s unique and proprietary formula is the first in the world to use maqui berry and four supporting nutrients to help keep your Blood Sugar Drain healthy.

And with a healthy Blood Sugar Drain, you’re supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

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