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Scientists Revisit An “Ancient
Food Flavoring” For Temporary Pain Relief

Scientists from Tianjin Medical University in 2022 revisited an ancient solution for temporary relief for aches and pains.

This solution was first mentioned by Greek physician Hippocrates. And that natural solution is — menthol1.

Menthol — when used as a topical agent — acts as a counter-irritant by producing a cooling effect and by stimulating the “pain-receptor” and then desensitizing them.

This resulted in giving the user a temporary relief for occasional discomfort and aches2.

That’s Why We Created…

Arctic BlastTM

Cooling Pain-Relieving Liquid

Arctic Blast is a unique cooling formula that is backed by science
to provide temporary relief for occasional aches and discomfort.

Its main ingredient is Menthol which
is known to provide rapid elimination
of pain and increased mobility when used topically3.

It works by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm. These feelings on the skin distract you from feeling the aches in your muscles and joints.

Inside Every Arctic BlastTM You’ll Find:

A complex combination of powerful nutrients designed to provide temporary relief for occasional aches and discomfort.


Menthol activates a cooling sensation in your joints to help provide temporary relief of pain, inflammation and irritation4.


Camphor oil is a common ingredient in pain-relief medications, including topical analgesics5.

Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe Vera’s moisturizing effects can help with soothing dry and irritated skin6.

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

Arnica Montana Flower extract also contains moisturizing properties that help hydrate the skin7.

Wintergreen Oil

Also known as methyl salicylate, it contains properties that may help cleanse the appearance of the skin8.

St. John’s Wort Oil

St. John’s Wort Oil has long been used for dermatological purposes to help alter the appearance of the skin9.

Calendula Officinalis Extract

Calendula flower is commonly used for wounds, rashes, infections, inflammation, and many other conditions10.


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