Maintaining Well-Being Through Stressful Times

Stress is best managed proactively, with healthy activity. Regular physical exercise is a better approach than passively binge-watching TV. Finding relaxation through meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, massage or tai chi is more effective than using tobacco, alcohol or caffeine.

Other effective stress management techniques include: 

  • maintaining a sense of humor (even if you have to write yourself a reminder!)
  • staying connected to family and friends, who are an important part of your support system 
  • practicing self-care 
  • finding joy in hobbies, reading a book or listening to music
  • cultivating good sleep and dietary habits
  • professional counseling

Developing personal strengths like problem-solving and assertiveness, reprioritizing what’s important and enjoyable, learning to say No to unnecessary demands on your time… all these can help manage your stress as well.

Stress from certain triggers are harder to manage. Fears, living with uncertainty, and limiting beliefs and expectations take time and work to transform. Therapy with a counselor can help you develop the positive mindset needed to turn things around.

Best Day’s counselors are ready to help you with stress management techniques and mental health challenges arising from stress. Our goal is for you to have the best treatment options to help you live a fulfilling, more enjoyable life.

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